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i have a problem around input and keycodes, that i can't resolve for a long
time now

i'm using newest ubuntu mate x64, with x11 driver, and all default settings
in tekui, (except for prefix), i'm using luajit, but the same behaviors
were here previously, when i started with plain lua, where i've tried 5.1,
5.2 and 5.3 as well

so i'm using a hungarian keyboard, and i've got no őűŐŰ characters, and
even others are misconfigured as shown below (1st line is from tekui, 2nd
is excepted):

(no qual)


¬~ ^   `

¬ Ʒ Ƣ°Ʋ  ǿ´ƽ¨¸

$ setxkbmap -query
rules:      evdev
model:      asus_laptop
layout:     hu,it
variant:    ,

i've tried qwertz and qwerty, tried 2 other notebooks (x32 and x64 ubuntu
mate) and x32 and x64 debian in vbox, the behavior was the same
i've tried to manipulate environment variables (not all of them, and maybe
not the right way, but seems independent)

if i change the input globally then the app following it immediately
i've checked utf-8 stuffs, but those are correct
it seems like there's nothing on lua's level, but its in the x11 driver
if i understood correctly keymap.c is only for rawfb
i've tested #define X11FNT_DEFREGENC "iso8859-2" in display_x11_mod.h but
it didn't help me
i can monkeypatch handleKeyboard but thats an ugly solution
if i'm opening a txt file with őűŐŰ, then they are displayed correctly, so
i think its only about keycodes

and i've found 2 typos:
            /* extract name -> 2th and 3th '-' */
2th -> 2nd

                    break -- do not aborb
aborb -> absorb

and there are some misbehaviors:
pressing enter in a multiline input before last letter not dropping the
letter into the next line
selection background sometimes breaks, but selection works fine even then,
its happening, when a multiline input gets focus just when i'm about to
select text, i think the bug is around the messages
horizontal scrollbar not works with the multiline input, i didn't try to
set up messaging between them manually, i think its something around fake
canvas width or half done implementation
clipboard working only inside an app or system clipboard can be copied into
the app, but it can't be copied from app and used system wide

it took me a very long time to understand a lot about tekui, it's just
about to becoming something like clean, but i've read its codes and docs
much, but i'm still not a c, nor an x11 expert, but i'm still investigating
into the solution, cuz i really like tekui so much, thx for this great
stuff, i didnt find anything better out in the wild, and i'm popularizing
it much all around :D

anyway what about that plan, that you wanna bring down a lot from lua to c?
how far, and how this affects luajit? i understood, that i can't lift up
everything into lua, because of the c libraries like x11. i know, that
luajit can optimize only codes written in lua, but it will call c functions
anyway, but i've got no idea about the results of more or less c code where
some must exists. like complex bigger units with possibly fewer calls into
c, and less optimalized lua code above, or more smaller c functions, with
more calls, and more optimizable lua codes above...

thanks for your time and any help, and all the bests for you! :)
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