[tekui-devel] Rich text boxes

Milind Gupta milind.gupta at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 01:52:44 CEST 2014

         Does tek ui have support for rich text handling. I am looking to
create a Dynamic Rich Text Document. I am looking to emulate a form which
has boxes whose sizes can vary as the text in them is written. These boxes
have to handle text with formatting (rich text). Is it possible and by any
chance any example or tutorial of such a program? I would want to place
these boxes on a white background so that it gives an impression of writing
on a document. Also allowing drawing lines or objects in the background
would be needed.
The specific functionality would be:

1. These boxes are on a white background and want to highlight their
boundary with mouse over or they may have a visible border all the time
2. Box grows in size to accommodate text as the text fills up the box
(scroll bars should not appear)
3. Would want to place images as well on the same background in different
4. Would want functionality to be able to drag these boxes around with a
mouse on the canvas
5. Would want functionality to be able to draw lines/objects on the

Any suggestions and help would be really welcome.

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